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Data QualityXBRL US

The XBRL US Center for Data Quality formed in 2015 is a dedicated group of XBRL providers and supporters focused on improving the usability and effectiveness of XBRL data. The Center funds the creation and implementation of the Data Quality Committee that develops guidance and validation standards (freely available to all public companies) to prevent or detect inconsistencies and errors in

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Описание характеристики и фото кассовой техники в интернет-магазине Online-kassa . Наш телефон ‎8 (800) Оборудование для маркировки Эквайринг Банковское оборудование


XBRL enabled e-filing platform for use by listed companies in UAE Login To FSD Forgot Password Unlock User Super User Registration Listed Companies /AuditorsBroker

28th XBRL Europe Digital Week23-24th June 2021

XBRL Europe is a non profit organisation affiliated to XBRL International promoting XBRL in Europe XBRL International is a global not for profit operating in the public interest.Our purpose is to improve the accountability and transparency of business performance globally by providing the open data exchange standard for business reporting.

Export to XBRL SAP Community

 · Hi all Looking for a solution to export from BPC 7.5 MS to XBRL for SII submissions. Is there any standard method or interface to export from BPC to XBRL

Online ReportingXBRL

ONLINE REPORTING. XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. It is a language for the electronic communication of business and financial data which is revolutionising the business reporting around the world. It offers major benefits to all those who have to create transmit use or analyse such business information.

XBRL in IndiaUnchartered territories XBRL

 · XBRL provides a language in which reporting terms can be authoritatively defined facilitates the creation of reports against those authoritative terms enables definition and execution of validation rules to ensure data quality offers highly stylised customised presentation as well as a standard tabular representation of reports.

XBRL Research DataHome

XBRL is an open standard for reporting structured financial information which enables the efficient gathering of data and automated comparison of financial information over time and across firms. Public companies are required to file their financial statements in XBRL format. In so doing companies tag information at 4 levels.

XBRL Filing and Resources

Highlights. Extension of effective date for revised XBRL filing requirements to 1 May 2021. Revised XBRL Filing Requirements Available for Voluntary Adoption from 16 May30 Apr 2021. BizFinx portal will no longer be available from 1 Oct 2020 Companies to upload financial statements directly from

Reading List for Software Engineers Interested in XBRL

 · Software engineers that want to understand how to build useful software for accountants related to XBRL-based financial reporting here is a reading list that I would suggest The Knowledge Graph Cookbook Recipes that Work Helps you understand what a knowledge graph is and that an XBRL-based financial report is a knowledge graph.

CE (знак)это Что такое CE (знак)

• -приборы и защитные системы для применения во взрывоопасных средах ATEX (Директива 94/9/ЕЕС) • -системы и установки (оборудование) работающие под давлением Директива 97/23/ЕС

AMANA XBRL PortalXBRL Certified Software

 · . Units Registry v1.0. . This Report Creation Software has been verified to incorporate an XBRL Validating Processor that performs validation of the created reports and which has been certified for at least the modules listed above. For more information on AMANA XBRL Portal please visit the AMANA consulting website .


 · XBRL. XBRL eXtensible Business Reporting Language is a royalty-free international information format designed specifically for business information also referred to as interactive data by the SEC. The idea behind XBRL is simple instead of treating business information as a block of textas in a printed paper document or a

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 · нет роялти и маркетинговых сборов обучение для руководителей и сотрудников гарантия возврата средств если бизнес не пойдет компания выкупит оборудование и товар. 3.

XBRL International GitLabSign in

XBRL International GitLab. This site provides repositories for XBRL International working groups. XBRL International members can log in using their standard xbrl username and password. Access to relevant working group repositories will be granted automatically within 15 minutes of your first login. This field is required. This field is

XBRL Europe Digital Event Bank Insurance XBRL

XBRL Europe held a Digital Event on Bank Insurance reporting in Europe. updates integrated reporting. Regulators and members present the regulatory and reporting news and updates for with a special focus on integrated reporting. 2.00 Welcome words. Vincent LE MOAL JOUBEL Banque de France Thomas VERDIN BM A UK / TESH


И для применения системы водоотведения и разработали многочисленные награды и модели выраженную математически с компенсационной обмоткой статора для эксплуатации электроприводов

Приложение N 1. Порядок продовольственного

 · Приложение N 1 к приказу МВД РФот 18 декабря 2012 г. N 1111 Порядок продовольственного


N 1084 "О присоединении Российской Федерации к Таможенной конвенции о карнете АТА для временного ввоза товаров от 6 декабря 1961 г. и Конвенции о временном ввозе от 26 июня 1990 г. с принятием ряда

Применение формата XBRL при составлении

Для достижения поставленных целей необходимо решить следующие задачи выявить причину и предпосылки которые способствовали возникновению и развитию формата XBRLопределить основные принципы и методы которые

Filing Financial Statements in XBRL Format

Filing Financial Statements in XBRL Format. Since 1 November 2007 companies required to file financial statements with ACRA are required to file financial statements in XBRL format. To find out if your company is required to file financial statements click here . This guide gives an overview on how to file financial statements in XBRL format.

CE (знак) — Википедия

 · медицинское оборудование (Директива 2007/47/EC) приборы и защитные системы для применения во взрывоопасных средах ATEX (Директива 94/9/ЕЕС) новая ATEX Директива 2014/34/EU на русском языке

1С Механизм XBRL для НПФ. Клиентская лицензия на 10

1С Механизм XBRL для НПФ. Клиентская лицензия на 10 рабочих мест подключить по низким ценам. Установка настройка и обеспечение доступа к программным продуктам компании 1с в интернет-магазине Online-kassa .

XBRL Filings Costamare IR

XBRL Filings. XBRL is an XML-based language for the electronic transmission of business and financial data. XBRL is not an accounting standard it is simply a standard for transmitting business and financial data. The various XBRL exhibits included on this web page are displayed in their native XML format and have been included to provide you

Set up XBRL reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you want to explore how to file reports by using eXtensible business reporting language (XBRL) This module focuses on XBRL in Dynamics 365 Business Central. It explains the terminology that is associated with XBRL and demonstrates how to import and update taxonomies. Additionally you will find out how to export an instance document.

XBRL API AccessGoogle Workspace Marketplace

XBRL API Access will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more. XBRL API Access will need access to your Google account. This will allow XBRL API Access to Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications. info. Connect to an external service. info.

About XBRL

About XBRL. XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. It is a language for the electronic communication of business and financial data worldwide. As one of the family of "XML" languages it is becoming a standard means of communicating information between businesses and on the Internet. XBRL is managed by an international non

Межгосударственный стандарт ГОСТ

 · ГОСТ Посуда и оборудование лабораторные стеклянные. Типы основные параметры и размеры ГОСТ 25794.1-83 Реактивы.

XBRL Filing Tagging Reporting Software Filing of XBRL

Ez-XBRLis a powerful yet simple and efficient application that enables the effortless creation of XBRL documents without requiring extensive training in XBRL.. With Ez-XBRL financial users need not become XBRL experts. Users can easily create XBRL documents without having to take the pain of learning the nuances of XBRL specifications. All the complexity of XBRL specification is

Global LedgerXBRL

 · Learn more Transactional Reporting. XBRL can also be used to standardise the reporting of financial and business information within an organisation or throughout a supply chain at a transactional level using the XBRL Global Ledger Taxonomy framework.

Structured Reporting Using XBRLSASB

Live. •. SASB recently held a webinar with XBRL US which discusses the SASB Standards and our vision for structured reporting using XBRL including a demonstration of SASB s XBRL taxonomy and panel discussions about how the process of preparing extracting and analyzing machine-readable ESG data will work in practice.

XBRL Filing SEC ESEF Reporting Service Providers-Ez-XBRL

Best XBRL Filing SEC ESEF reporting services providers in USA Europe. Ez-XBRL Solutions Inc. is a global provider of products and services for Financial Regulatory Compliance and Financial Analytics.

Circulars XBRL

General Circular No. 16/2012 dated 06.07.2012. Filing of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account in Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) Mode for financial year commencing on or after 1.4.2011. XBRL International is a global not for profit operating in the public interest. Our purpose is to improve the accountability and transparency

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RFID-оборудование купить по низким ценам. Описание характеристики и фото кассовой техники в интернет-магазине Online-kassa . Наш телефон ‎8 (800) Инвентаризацию товаров. Защиту от краж.

XBRL Deloitte US

 · XBRL is a language for the electronic communication of business and financial data which is being adopted as a reporting standard around the world. Services. What s New. The Ripple Effect. Real-world client stories of purpose and impact. Register for Dbriefs webcasts. Change isn t just coming.

XBRLSupport Center

Copy XBRL within a document. Copy XBRL from another profile. Select fact units and accuracies. See all 14 articles. Add dimensions (axis and member) Create extension concepts. Edit extension concepts. Extensions and anchors. Tag phantom/hidden facts in non- sections.

SEC.gov Inline XBRL

 · For questions on Inline XBRL rule requirements and compliance related to fund risk/return summary information please contact the Office of Chief Counsel in Division of Investment Management at or IMOCC sec.gov. For questions on structured data or other technical questions such as XBRL validation taxonomies and data quality

«Силтэк» создала комплексное решение для

 · Метки предназначены для удаленной идентификации объектов из различных типов металла на любых предприятиях и производствах включая транспортные контейнеры промышленное оборудование и объекты складских и

SEC.gov 2021 XBRL Taxonomies Update

 · 2021 XBRL Taxonomies Update. March 23 2021. On March 22 2021 the Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval (EDGAR) system was upgraded to Release 21.1 and now supports the 2021 taxonomies listed below. The 2021 U.S.